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Our portal is packed with cutting edge video training to help you in every aspect of the wireless business. We cover everything from incorporating your business to marketing your business. This is a unique feature only offered by Sync Up Solutions. As you will soon find out, it will be a learning curve to get educated on owning & operating a wireless business. Before jumping out there and wasting tons of money on a wireless company it is wise you learn what it will take to build and market your business.

  • Activate Prepaid Phones

  • Accept Cell Phone Payments

  • We Connect You With The Carriers

  • Accept Credit / Debit Cards Payments

  • Store Development Options

  • No Location Required To Join

  • Learn How To Become Complaint - State & IRS

  • Lifetime Marketing Training & Support

  • Financing For Your Customers

  • Offer High Speed Internet, Cable TV, and Home Phone

  • Port Customer Phone Numbers

  • Earn Activation Bonuses

  • Unlock Cell Phones

  • Sell On Facebook, Craigslist, Amazon, Ebay

  • Device Buy Back Program For Your Customers


The first step to establishing a cell phone store or wireless dealer website is to join the sync up solutions network. You do not need a location to get started, after your payment has been made you will be provided access into the store / website development system. Which will walk you through the store / website setup process step by step so you know what documents you need, and how to get them to get from the state and IRS in order to have the ability to buy products wholesale.

Now that you have your location or website, and permits it’s time to decide on your POS, Inventory, and Materials. In this stage we will help you select the best development package help you get your store or website up and running.

After you select your POS options you will now need to order some inventory if you did not order a development package with inventory included. You will be provided a unique login into our wholesale portal to find the best unlock devices, sims, and accessories.

After you have complete the legal section, you can now choose which products you want to promote. You will have access to earn money on all our products but most just choose 5 or so carriers to focus on. We take care of getting you setup with the carriers, and train you on activation’s.

One of the final steps is to upload all your documents so we can activate your account. Our dealer portal features an easy upload form for you to use when sending up the required documents you obtained in the previous steps. After submitting your documents please allow 24-48 hours for your account to become active.

Once your account is activate you can now start the training process. Our dealer portal is packed with all the training courses needed to get you started selling instantly. We also provide advanced one-on-one training for all our our resellers.


Start a multi-carrier cell phone business


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E Commerce & Retailer Setup Portal:

Our dealer portal was designed to help anyone looking to start a wireless company and learn to develop their business from scratch. The problem with most distributors is the lack of training and development. It can be quite frustration attempting to start a wireless business if you have no experience.

Our portal will give you a step by step system for getting your wireless business of the ground, for both e-commerce & retail locations.

Once you join you will have the option to start as a online dealer or open a cell phone store in a retail location using our recommended strategy, and resources. We provide all the tools, training, and resources for getting this done in a short amount of time even if you have a small budget to work with.

(Why pay a franchise $75-300k for a dealership when you could learn how to do it on your own or simply start a cell phone store online)

Wholesale Access:

Once you join you will be provided your authorized Sync Dealer Login. This portal will provide you a step by step dealer development system that walks you through setting up cell phone business. We will setup your wholesale account for you which will provide access to phones, sim cards, tablets, accessories, and more. ‘

You will be required to obtain your tax reseller permit from your state department of revenue in order to buy wholesale products without being taxed at the time of purchase. We will need a copy of this document. Our portal will provide the tools and resources to help you get your permit but keep in mind each state is different so cost for your permit may vary. (In Some States This Is Free)

Merchant Processing & POS Systems

Once you become an authorized Sync Up Solutions dealer you will have the chance to select which payment processor you want to use and also receive discounted pricing on POS systems for your business. We offer multiple solutions to help you run your business.

  1. Mobile Card Reader
  2. Tablet Based POS Systems
  3. Virtual Merchant Account
  4. POS Terminals

Website Development

Your website will be preloaded with a few phones to show an example of what your shopping cart will look like. We are not dropshippers, once you establish your wholesale account you will then be able to purchase phones wholesale to list on your website.

After a customers purchases a handset the funds will be paid directly to your account. You will then be required ship your customer the product. (This option will most likely give you the best profit margin).


Both online & retail dealers will earn activation bonuses depending on the companies you choose to activate for, and the amount of activation’s performed per month. Our retail dealers earn instant spiff’s when performing activation’s on carriers that are in our instant spiff portal.

For E Commerce Dealers you will need to see the compensation plans for our social commerce carriers to see how much the activation bonuses will be.

Online dealers can earn activation bonuses if you choose to offer plans provided by our social commerce carriers, but keep in mind retail locations earn much more for performing activation’s in most cases due to the fact they are physically activating the phones on the spot for the customer. We work with multiple social commerce carriers, there are more than one to choose from. (additional fee’s may apply for some social commerce companies)

Earn Up To $200 Per Cell Phone Activation

Cellular Bill Pay:

Both of our programs provide you with the option to offer prepaid refills. We offer a simple solution to help you start earning money on prepaid refills, both online & in a retail environment. Each new dealer will be provided access to our unique activation and refill portal which will allow you to take cell phone payments in real time.

Our platform is easy to use, and does not require a credit check to get started. The process is straight forward, simply load money into your wallet account, and start earning up to 16% of each cell phone payment you accept.

Directory Listing:

Each dealer will be provided a free listing on our national dealer directory that is highly promoted. In addtion to our exclusive national dealer directory, we have also partnered with, and to help both our retailers and ecommerce dealers get found via web & mobile search.

We also work closely with which will give our network of dealers discounted local small busiuness marketing services that will give your business the boost it needs to build a substantail customer base.

Cell Phone Financing

Are you ready to increase your monthly income? If so you’re in luck! We have recently release our brand new no credit check device financing program. We offer device financing for both retailer’s and online distributors.

Our program will give you access to a easy to use system to start offering no credit check device financing to your customers. If you are ready to take your wireless business to the next level visit the link in the description to join our nationwide authorized dealer network.


  1. Offer Your Customer Multiple Financing Options
  2. No Credit Check Programs

Device BUY BACK Program!

We are proud to announce our brand new device buy back program for retailers. We offer a simple solution to help you create more sales by offering customers the chance to get in-store credit for their old phone.

The Buy Back Process is simple as searching for the device on our portal, then shipping the customers device to us once the sale is complete.

Once your device is received you will be paid by check or direct deposit for the device you accepted as in-store credit.

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